Mealime review analysis shows a lack of diet appropriate meals according to users

Mealime is a meal planning app that offers meal plans and recipes to make people eat healthier, save money and reduce stress. So we decided to analyze 6 456 reviews about Mealime and noticed that users seem to be unhappy with the application’s adaptability to certain diets and the dietary options offered.

What is this based upon?

The topic “diets” has a negative impact on the grade. Some reviewers claim the app is unusable for vegan diets. However, the sentiment around the topic “diets” has increased since 2017.
“Options” were mentioned in 12% of the reviews. It has an average grade that is lower (4,15 / 5)than the overall grade (4,48 / 5) and has been mentioned almost equally as much in the past four years. The topic is commonly mentioned with “meals” and “recipes”.

The meal planning app comes with a feature where you can filter recipes based on diet restrictions. However, users don’t seem to be completely satisfied with it. Some people think the vegetarian options are uninspiring and boring, while others are missing a vegan dietary option. As vegetarianism and veganism are becoming quite popular, it could be a good idea to improve this aspect.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on Google Play.

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