Quick analysis of 789 about Max Factor FaceFinity

Does the FaceFinity foundation live up to all the praise?

Photo: Marco Verch

Max Factor is one of the World’s leading makeup brands. The company was founded in 1909, originally specialising in theatrical makeup. Today the company is owned by Procter & Gamble. Among their assortment of beauty products is the foundation “FaceFinity”, a 3-in-1 foundation with built-in primer and concealer claimed to provide a long-lasting and flawless finish.

Does the FaceFinity foundation live up to all the praise? We took 789 customer reviews of the product from Amazon.co.uk and ran them through Gavagai Explorer.

Here are the 4 things we found most interesting!

Customers are talking about the “coverage” of the foundation. Customers most frequently talk about the topic “coverage”, this occurs in 27% of all reviews and is associated with an average rating of 4,30. This is found together with the topics “good” (30%) and “great” (22%).

Customers are most satisfied with the ease of application and longevity of the product. The topic “ease of application” was mentioned in 18% of the reviews and was frequently found together with longevity (18%) and coverage (21%). The overall rating for this topic is 4,42. This rating is equal to that associated with the topic “longevity” which occurs in 23% of all the reviews.

Customers with dry skin give the lowest ratings. 6% of all customers used the topic “dry skin”. This topic was associated with an average rating of 3,62, the lowest of all topics. The topic most associated with “dry skin” that could be attributed to a lower rating was “clings”.

Customers are happy with the price. The topic “price” was mentioned in 16% of the reviews and giving it the average rating of 4,27 / 5. The topic price was most frequently found together with “good” and “great”.

What does this mean for Max Factor FaceFinity foundation and other companies in the cosmetic market?

Customers are satisfied with the coverage, application, and longevity of Max Factor’s FaceFinity foundation. The foundation seems to live up to the user’s expectations and the claims laid by Max Factor. 

Customers think that the product is priced properly and that they get good value for money. But it could be difficult for smaller cosmetic companies to compete with well-established companies such as MaxFactor in the high street foundation market.

The most negative reviews came from people with different skin types, for example, dry skin. This is maybe unavoidable. However, using data like this to highlight users that are not satisfied by the product can be used to identify target groups that might be responsive to trying alternative products that specifically target these needs. Max Factory could be perfectly positioned to launch a dry skin targeted product or maybe another scrappy makeup start-up will.

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