Mailchimp review analysis shows user unhappiness with editing

Mailchimp is a marketing platform that started as an email marketing tool. Now it’s used by millions of customers around the world and their focus lies on providing an all-around marketing tool, especially for small companies. We analyzed 633 reviews about the app and noticed that users seem to think that editing and the website are inconvenient.

What is this based on?

The topic “edit” occurs in 12% of the reviews. The average grade of the topic is 2,33 / 5, which is lower than the overall grade. The topic is commonly mentioned along with “campaign” and “website”.
The topic “version” is mentioned in 9% of the reviews.
The topic refers to the app version as compared to the web version of the service. It has a low average grade 2,46 / 5 in comparison to the overall grade, making it a negative driver for the service. In 15% of the reviews, the topic “version” is mentioned with the word “website”.

This analysis shows that there is some dissatisfaction with the Mailchimp app. There’s a relatively strong correlation between the app and the website, indicating that users are comparing the app to the website. While this is natural, these reviews are mainly dissatisfied ones complaining about the lack of functions in the app compared to the website. One such function is the capability of editing your campaigns, which seems to be making the app users rather frustrated.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on the App Store.

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