We analyzed 224 reviews about James Madison High School

What do people think of James Madison High School?

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James Madison High School is an online high school. At this school, practically anyone can get a high school diploma without physically attending it. The pupil can also choose their own pace of progress.

We were interested to see how James Madison High School is being received by reviewers online. To analyze how they’re doing, we fed Gavagai Explorer 224 reviews from Trustpilot. This is what we found out!

Here are 4 things we found out!

“Pace” correlates to an average grade of 4,72 / 5, which is 0,98 / 5 higher than the overall average 3,74. It occurs in 11% of all reviews.

The topic “teachers” correlates with an average grade of 4,07 / 5. That is higher than the overall average. “Teachers” is included in 7% of all reviews.

“Customer service” correlates with an average grade of 1,56 / 5, which is considerably lower than the overall average. It occurs in 4% of all reviews.

What can we tell from this?P

James Madison High School has a pretty average grade of almost 4,0. Overall, they’re doing well, getting a good average grade on topics “teachers” and “pace”. 

Though the topic “customer service”, even if it’s not mentioned a lot, might be bringing the average score down.

As customer service is a very important part of an experience that is totally remote, we would advise James Madison High School to address the customer service experience.

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