We analyzed 834 employee reviews about ITC

What do ITC limited’s employees say about the company?

ITC Limited is an Indian company that employs over 30 000 people in 60 locations across India. ITC has been in operation for over 100 years and has an average annual turnover of 8.31 billion USD. The company produces cigarettes, food,  personal care products, hotels and information technology services.

ITC seems to perform well on the economic front but how do ITCs employees experience their employment? We took 834 reviews from Glassdoor and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Here’s what we learnt about employee satisfaction at ITC.

Here are the 4 things we found interesting!

Over half of the employees write about the management at ITC. 56% of the reviews commented on this topic. The occurrence and the average rating was highest in 2013 and sentiment was lowest in 2016. Overall the topic came with a higher average rating of 3.66 and was frequently found together with the topic “salary” (18%). 

Employees are most satisfied with the training. “Training” was the second most frequent topic (30%) and was associated with the highest average rating of 3,77. The topic most associated with “training” was “career and opportunity”. But it has been slightly less than average for the last three years.

Employees who discuss bureaucracy are the least satisfied. 4% of employees mention the topic “bureaucratic”. This topic was associated with an average rating of 3,19. It was associated with the topic “management” (29%).

Frequent topics associated with a lower rating were “salary” and “work-life balance”. “Salary” was discussed by 24% of employees and it was most frequently found with “management” (41%) and associated with a lower average rating of 3,50 / 5 compared to the average rating of 3,57 / 5. “Work-life balance” was found in 22% of reviews. People mention this topic less over time and the sentiment for this topic has decreased dramatically from 2017 to 2019. It is most frequently found together with the topic “management” (35%).

What does this mean for ITC?

Employees of ITC are positive about the training they receive and the career opportunities at the company. 

Could employees feel overworked and underpaid? The high frequency and the topics work-life balance and salary were driving forces for a more negative average rating of ITC. 

Does ITC need to reconsider their management salary? These topics were often found together. Both topics were very frequent, thus a significant driving force in the overall rating.

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