We analyzed 17 176 reviews about HelloFresh

Are customers satisfied with the service?

HelloFresh is a global food delivery service that provides customers with fresh food. The company carefully plan every meal and give a variety of meals for their customers to enjoy.

We wanted to see how customers experienced the service of one of the major food delivery services. So we collected 17 176 reviews about HelloFresh posted on Trustpilot. With the help of Gavagai Explorer, we were able to analyze all the reviews.

Here are 3 things we found out!

One of the most mentioned topics was “fresh”. It has an average grade of 4,54 / 5, which is higher than the overall average (4,27). For customers this is an important aspect as the delivery should strive for being as fresh as buying from a grocery store. This was one of the most liked aspects.

Recipes provided by HelloFresh was found to be innovative and got the grade 4,50 / 5. This was the cherry on top of the cake for many customers as the innovative recipes enrich cooking with joy. Every meal becomes a journey for the taste buds according to some customers.

The average grade for “customer service” is 3,98 / 5. This is a bit below the overall average grade (4,27) but it is still quite a good grade. Complaints about customer service have been directed towards the agent’s lack of knowledge from time to time. However, the customer service also gets positive feedback, where customers find the representants attitude to be good.

What can we tell from this?

Hellofresh provides service on the same standards as they advertise it. This gives the customers the reassurance that they will get what they are paying for. Most important for the customers are the key elements of fresh ingredients and the variety of recipes. This will make the customers stay and continue to subscribe to this service.

There were not a lot of complaints towards HelloFresh and what did come up was mostly regarding customer service. There might be a need for preparing or educating the service staff to know more in different situations as many things can happen, such as wrong delivery, canceled delivery or refunds. It’s highly likely that the customer service staff gets educated by the company in what to do in various situations. It might be good to keep them up to date as some problems might occur only once in a while. 

HelloFresh does a good job according to customers and hopefully they will continue in this direction for a long time to come.

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