A summary of 17 633 reviews on British Gas.

What do customers say about British Gas?

British Gas provides energy and home services in the UK. They are the biggest energy provider in the country, serving twelve million homes. British Gas has a higher percentage of renewable energy than the UK average.

We wanted to see what we could learn about the customers’ experiences of the biggest energy provider in the UK. We took 17 633 reviews about British Gas posted on Trustpilot and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Some things we learned really surprised us!

Here are 3 interesting insights!

“Engineers” have an higher grade than the overall average grade. The grade for “engineers” are 3,59 / 5 and the overall average grade is 2,89 / 5. The top 3 emotive words related to “engineers” are “helpful”, “polite” and “friendly”.

The topic “account” is a negative driver for the overall grade. It is most negative when spoken about in relation to the topic “closed”. Customers seem to have problems when they want to close their accounts. The average grade for “account” is 1,71 / 5 and the overall average grade is 2,89 / 5.

“Wait” is a negative driver for the overall grade. In almost 25% of the cases when “wait” is discussed, it’s discussed in relation to “called”. “Wait” has an average grade of 1,78 / 5 and the overall average grade is 2,89 / 5.

Why is this interesting for British Gas?

 It’s nice to see that the customers think the engineers are nice and helpful. The problems with accounts are more worrying. It seems like people are unhappy with how their accounts are being handled, it’s often discussed in relation to the topic “bill”. This may be worth looking into.

The “wait” topic tells us there are more areas where there might be room for improvement. The relation between “wait” and “called” indicates that there are long waiting times on calls. This could possibly be improved.
A worrying indication in this analysis is the last insight on the topic “reviews”, in which there seems to be dissatisfaction with the treatment and reliability of amazon reviews among customers.

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