Review analysis on Ailun’s screen protector

How is Ailun’s screen protector received by customers?

Ailun is an e-commerce website that provides a range of mobile device accessories and technology for entertainment, travel and home. The company was born in 2014 and the company prioritizes its product quality as well as their customer’s satisfaction.

Ailun is a newborn compared to existent e-commerce websites and so we wanted to learn about the approach of Ailun and how it is being received by customers. So, we took 2 963 reviews about one of their products (screen protector) from amazon and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Some things we learned really surprised us!

Here are 4 things we found interesting!

The topic “xr” is referring to the iPhone XR. It mostly occurs along with the topic “fit”. Both of the topics indicate customers having problems with the screen protector not fitting their phone. Especially the iPhone xr.

The topic crack has a grade of 2,84. This value is lower than the overall average grade of 3,89 for the project. The topic indicates that the screen protector is easily cracked.

The topic “install” is the biggest positive driver and the second most occurring topic in this project. It occurs in 19% of the texts and indicates customers experiencing the screen protector to be easy to apply.

The occurrence of the topic “bubbles” has decreased from 25% to 10%, which indicates fewer people experiencing bubbles in-between screen protector and display.

What does this mean for Ailun?

This analysis indicates that the screen protector provided by Ailun for iPhone 11 and XR does not fit the screen of the XR. This drives the overall average grade of the project down. 

Even if the instalment process is high-rated and indicates customer satisfaction, it’s important to keep up to date on factors that might cause customers to look elsewhere.
The attributes of the screen protector seem to be satisfactory for customers when looking at the overall results of the analysis. But there is definitely room for improvements. A clear description of their products is necessary for building a recurrent customer basis and relation.

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