We analyzed 9 678 reviews about Alibaba

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Alibaba is China’s biggest online commerce company. Its three main sites Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba.com have hundreds of millions of users and host millions of merchants and businesses.

We wanted to see what we could learn about one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. So we took 9 678 reviews about Alibaba.com and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Some things we learned really surprised us!

Here are 3 things we found interesting!

The topic “trade assurance” has a grade of 4,10 / 5. The topic indicates that most customers are satisfied about the trade assurance Alibaba offers. But the negative driver in this topic is the many mentions of trade assurances being applied although customers chose not to pay for the service.

The topic “payment” has a grade of 3,35 / 5. This value is lower than the overall average grade of 4,49 / 5 and is the biggest negative driver for this project. The topic indicates that many customers experience diverse problems involving payments.

The topic “trust” occurs in 3% of the texts and frequently occurs along with the topic supplier (in 21% of the cases). The topic indicates some customers not trusting the suppliers enough to place orders in some cases.

What can we tell from this?

The overall average grade for this project indicates customer being very satisfied with Alibaba.com. But we surely found some impactful topics which can be studied further and improved to help Alibaba.com expand.

The topic “trust” can have a detrimental effect if left unattended and should be studied further. If customers lose trust in the capacity of this platform to protect them from unprofessional sellers, paying customers will look elsewhere to take their business. 

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