We analyzed 740 reviews about the R240HY Acer monitor

Have the Acer R240HY made a splash in the mid-range monitor market?

Acer is an established Taiwanese company that makes and distributes electronic hardware, such as computers, servers, and computer accessories. They’re planning to widen the scope of their business and get in to cloud services as well as other up and coming technologies.

Being the maker and distributor of popular computer products, we decided to have a look at one of Acer’s best selling monitors on Amazon, the R240HY. To find out what factors determine reviewers’ grades, we fed Gavagai’s AI 740 reviews posted on Amazon.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “easy” in combination with the topic “set up” correlates in over 50% of the reviews where “easy” is mentioned. At a lower rate, the topic “install” also boosts positivity in connection with “easy”. The average use of the topic “easy” correlates with an increase of 14%, which means that “set up” boosts it even more. This might mean that the reviewers perceive the monitor as easy to set up and appreciate that feature.

One of the topics mentioned the most is “price”, occurring in 23% of all reviews. It correlates with a 6% (increase in grade when used in a review, which means that the reviewers mentioning the price are positive to the product. In combination with the topic “worth”, the grade gets boosted even higher.

The topic that correlates the most with an increase in grade is “value”. Even though it isn’t as frequently mentioned as “price”, the topic has an exceptional effect on grade when it’s mentioned, increasing the average grade by 15%.

The monitor comes with the choice of adding a built-in speaker, a feature that correlates with a decrease in average grade by 16%. That is a massive decrease seeing as the product has a high average grade of 4,21 / 5, which might mean that the built-in speaker is detrimental to reviewers.

What can we tell from this?

Acer R240HY is a strong performer for Acer and a best seller on Amazon in the low-mid range of monitors. In this product tier, the reviews seem to be pointing to competitive prices as the most important factor in combination with good value. The analysis also points to accessibility and a setup process that the average user can understand as important features.

What isn’t working for R240HY is the model with an added speaker, which most of the reviewers seem to find lacking. 

For the company’s looking to follow in Acer’s footsteps, the data points to “value” being the name of the game in the low-mid range of monitors.

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