Analyze of 4 425 reviews about 1 Hotel South Beach

1 Hotel is a hotel brand with hotels all over the world. South Beach, one of their hotels, is located in Miami Beach. On TripAdvisor, the hotel is ranked as number one out of more than 200 hotels located in Miami Beach. It also has a very high average grade on TripAdvisor, 4,5 / 5.

We wanted to learn more about one of the most popular hotels in Miami Beach. How do guests talk about it? To investigate this, we took 4 425 reviews about 1 Hotel South Beach posted on TripAdvisor. We collected all the reviews and used Gavagai Explorer to analyze them.  

Here are 5 things we found interesting!

The topic “pool” is mentioned in more than 50% of the reviews, often together with “rooftop”. It has a positive impact on the grade but it looks like the topic has decreased in occurrence over time.  

Reviewers who mention the check-in seem to give a lower grade than the overall average: 4,25 compared to 4,48. It is often mentioned together with “reception” and “service”.

“Room service” seems to have a negative impact on the grade. Some reviewers mentioned that they had a problem with the equipment used to order room service. However, this topic is only mentioned in 3% of the reviews and it has decreased in occurrence.

The topic “decor” is mentioned in a positive way, with an average grade of 4,65 (compared to the overall average of 4,48). The topic often occurs together with “bedrooms”. Analyzed over time, “decor” was talked about more often in 2015 compared to 2019.

The staff is mentioned in 65% of the reviews and it has a positive impact on the grade. The average grade for “staff” is 4,69, which is higher than the overall average. It has been talked about constantly over time and the sentiment has been constantly high.

What can we tell from this?

Based on our analysis, one could see that there are some important topics for the hotel to investigate further.

Some guests appear to be dissatisfied with the room service and the equipment used to order it. There also seems to be some dissatisfaction with the check-in. 

The rooftop pool is often mentioned in a positive way and it seems to be one of the things guests appreciate the most. The staff is also doing a good job according to guests. 

Another thing that is appreciated is the decor. However, this topic has decreased in occurrence over time. This could mean that the hotel might need to update their decor to stay relevant. 

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