Analysis of 9 760 Foursquare City Guide reviews shows unhappiness with the app

We analyzed 9 760 reviews about Foursquare City Guide and found that users were widely unhappy with their complimentary app, Swarm. The most disliked feature seems to be the “check-in”. There are also seems to be widespread problems with the installation of the app.

What is that information based on?

“Swarm” is the most talked-about topic occurring in 20% of the reviews. The topic has a negative impact on the grade and some of the related topics are “forced”, “hate”, and “sucks”. 
“Check-in” has a low average grade of  1,55 / 5 and is occurring in 17% of the reviews. The topic is most commonly mentioned with “Swarm”.
“Install” is the most prominent negative driver for the grade. The topic occurs in 11% of the reviews. It has an average grade of 1,26 / 5, which is lower than the average of all topics (1,85). Several reviewers mention they will uninstall the app.

It is clear that the launch of Swarm in 2014 was not received well by all Foursquare users. Looking at these 9 760 reviews, a lot of people mention that they tried Swarm and didn’t like it. It also appears that users dislike the fact that Swarm took away some of the features from the original Foursquare app, such as the mayorships, points, and check-in. Users are now forced to use two different apps instead of one.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on Google Play.

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