Analysis of 3 984 Beelinguapp reviews shows that users enjoy the reading

The language learning app Beelinguapp seems to be appreciated by users. When we analyzed 3 984 reviews, we found out that users feel like they learn the new language and also seem to enjoy the readings provided in the app. Reading helps build vocabulary in a great way according to users!

Why do we say that?

The topic “learning” occurred in 20% of the reviews and had an average grade of 4,69 / 5. It was often mentioned with words like “great”, “reading” and “good”.
“Reading” was found in 12% of the reviews with an average grade of 4,64 / 5.
This topic was often mentioned with “great”, “learning”, “listening” and “stories”.

Learning a language takes time and if you are only reading about grammar, it can also be very boring. But Beelinguapp seems to have found a good concept where people get to practice the langue and read or listen to it. While users have some complaints about the audio quality, they still think reading is a great way to learn.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on Google Play.

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