We analyzed 7 118 reviews about Vodafone

Do customers agree on the awards?

Vodafone made their first-ever mobile phone call back in 1985.  Today, they are the World’s second-biggest network. The company is operational in 26 countries, with over 444 million customers and around 19.5 million in the UK. Recently they were awarded “Mobile Network of the Year 2018” by Trusted Reviews.

We thought it could be interesting to see how customers talk about one of the largest mobile networks. So we took 7 118 reviews about Vodafone UK posted on Trustpilot and ran them through Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The overall rating for Vodafone is low, 1,18 / 5. The most positive topic that customers speak about is “data”, which is associated with an average rating of 1.31. This topic is commonly talked about together with “cost” (50%).

Customers seem to have issues when canceling their contracts. 21% of all the reviews discuss the topic “cancellation”, which has an average rating of 1.06. The topic is most frequently discussed in relation to “contract” (53%) and “cost” (38%).

Customers are not happy with the cost of the service. The second most frequent topic is “cost”, which is associated with an average rating of 1,14 (lower than the average). This has been stable over time. Cost is frequently discussed together with the contract (30%), customer service (28%) and cancellation (12%).

Customers most frequently talk about the topic “customer service”. The average rating for this topic is higher than the overall average: 1,24 / 5 compared to 1,18 / 5. However, due to the low overall rating, this topic is still associated with a low sentiment. This has been stable over time. Within this topic, customers mention “rude”, “appalling” and “shocking”.

What can we tell from this?

The overall rating of Vodafone customers on Trustpilot is low. None of the topics we found gave an average rating over 1,31.

The topics highlighted in the reviews have been stable over time. The cost of the service seems to be an issue for customers and thus a possible area of improvement. 

This quick analysis suggests that in order to improve customer service, account managing needs to be improved. For instance, canceling the service needs to be made easier.

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