We analyzed 5 500 reviews about Vitality Insurance

How do people feel about incentivized health insurance?

Vitality is an insurer that offers health and life insurance. The company aims to promote healthier living, partly by encouraging their customers to develop healthy long-term habits. For example, exercising can earn you Vitality points, which can be redeemed for cashback, discounts and rewards. In 2018, Vitality had 1 million customers in the UK.

We wanted to look closer at an insurance company that does things differently, and Vitality’s model of incentives and rewards for customers caught our interest. So we took 5 500 reviews about Vitality posted on TrustPilot and analyzed them with Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 5 things we found out!

The topic “wait” often occurs together with “called” and “long”. It has a negative impact on the grade and the sentiment around the topic dropped in August 2019. Since then, the sentiment has increased.

Reviewers who mention “points” seem to give a lower grade than the overall average: 3,16 compared to 3,92. It is often mentioned together with “app” and sometimes in connection with “issue” and “missing”. However, it is only mentioned in 3% of the reviews.

The topic “Policy” occurs on only 3% of reviews, but is associated with a grade 1,15 points lower than the otherwise high average of 3,92. Sentiment took a sharp dip in October 2019, the same month where the associated topics “renewal” and “canceled” were more common.

The topic “app” has an average grade of 3,10, which is lower than the overall average (3,92). When “app” is mentioned in connection with “poor” and “syncing”, the negative impact on the grade is even worse.

Customer service is the most talked-about topic and it seems to have a positive impact on the grade. The average grade for the topic “customer service” is 4,44, which is higher than the overall average (3,92). It is often mentioned together with “great”, “excellent” and “helpful”.

What can we tell from this?

To encourage their customers to live a healthier life, Vitality has a system where customers can earn points if they track their activities. Some reviewers mention that this system is unusable, while others have a problem with missing points. In general, customers who mention the points seem to give a lower grade than the overall average. This is an indicator that the company might need to improve aspects of the activity points system if they want their customers to use it and be satisfied with it.  

There also seems to be some issues with the app, which is sometimes described as “poor” and “terrible”. 

There may be issues related to renewal, which could potentially lead to greatly increased satisfaction if they’re addressed. Dissatisfaction about the policy should be given high regard in any follow-up studies, as the the customer experience in this domain is greatly affected by issues around policy.

Our analysis showed that customers experienced long waiting times when they tried to call the company. The sentiment for this topic dropped in August, maybe because the company had fewer people working during the vacation period. Although the sentiment has increased since August, the topic still has a negative impact on the grade. To make sure the customer service remains good, the company might need to take a look at the waiting times.

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