We analyzed 2 599 reviews about a Rubbermaid food container

Don’t think there’s much to say about a food container? Text analytics begs to differ!

Rubbermaid is an American company that makes and distributes various household items. The company has existed for almost 100 years and has become known for its food storage products. One of their best-reviewed products on Amazon is their Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container.

Even simple products are worth analyzing, and can give you really interesting insights. To look closer at this, we fed Gavagai 2 599 Amazon reviews about Rubbermaid’s most reviewed food container into Gavagai Explorer, and we got these instant results!

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “seal” has an extremely high occurrence at 23% of the reviews and correlates with an average grade-increase of 0,21 out of 5. Topics that drive positivity in the subject are words such as “sturdy” and “tightly”.

The topic that correlates the most with grade-increase is the topic “stack”, which is 0,28 higher than the average grade. When mentioned in combination with the topic “the fridge”, its positive impact is even greater. Stackability is strongly associated with a good review.

Transparency seems to be another strong feature of the container, driving grades up by 0,22 when the topic “clear” is used. Grades raise even more when “clear” is used with “look”, which seems to imply that users like being able to see their food through the container.

The use of the topic “lids” correlates with a drastic decrease in grades at 0,41 lower than the average grade. This implies that lids likely is a point of which the product might need improvement. Topics that drives the score down is “crack” and “missing”, making it likely the lids might crack and that some lids are missing on delivering. The prevalence of the word “lids” has also drastically decreased average scores over time when comparing 2016 to 2019.

The topic “leak” is divisive, but most reviewers who mention the topic do so in a negative context. The topic occurs in 11% of reviews, and often together with “proof”.

How does Rubbermaid stack up?

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container is one of the best-reviewed food container sets on Amazon, and Gavagai Explorer can show us why. 

The data seems to show that the container’s ability to seal tightly is important to the user. It could also potentially be something the competition to Rubbermaid wants to look in to. Efficient stacking and being able to see one’s food through the container is also of considerable value to the user. 

But the data suggest that Rubbermaid should look into how the production of lids could be improved. Lots of reviewers are positive about “seal”, while others mention issues with lids and leakage. Perhaps there are some quality assurance issues with an otherwise well-performing product, leading to some users getting sub-par items while others’ containers seal perfectly well.

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