Analyzing 1 948 reviews about Norton Security

Is slow software hurting the image of the Norton Security Suite?

Symantec is a cybersecurity company based in the USA. It is on the Fortune 500’s list and Symantec’s Norton Security software is installed on hundreds of millions of computers all over the world.

To see what we could learn about a titanic player in the cybersecurity market, we decided to analyze Symantec’s flagship software Norton Security. We grabbed 1 948 reviews from and ran them through the Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 3 things we found out!

A topic that is correlating to an increase in grade is “devices”. It occurs in 8% of all reviews, and when it does, it boosts the average grade by 0,22 / 5, bringing the grade from 4,32 to 4,54 / 5. It is sometimes seen in connection to the topic “multiple”. Worth noting is that ”devices” correlation to higher grades has increased from 2017 to 2019.

The topic “slows” occurs in 1/5th of all reviews and correlates with a decline in grade from 4,34 to 4,08 on average. It is used next to topics such as “the background”, “performance” and “machines”.

Another topic that is driving negativity is “performance”. At an occurrence-rate of 5%, its use connected to an average decrease of 0,24 out of 5. It is most often used with topics “spyware” and “threats”.

What can we tell from this?

With an average grade of 4,34 / 5, Symantec is doing quite well for themselves, although there seem to be some issues that can be addressed. For one thing, the topic “slows” signals that some users are experiencing their systems slowing down as a consequence of having Norton Security on their systems. That might be making them give lower grades. 

The same goes for topic “performance”, where some users’ perception is incentivizing lower grades. Users really appreciate performance and anything that is decreasing performance should be inspected very deeply.

To end on a better note, the way Norton Security handles multi-device compatibility seems to impress some users.

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