We analyzed 4 184 reviews about the mobile carrier Tello

How Tello Is Challenging Established Phone Carriers

Tello is an American, low cost mobile carrier. They use Sprint’s network to provide users with stable network experience. One of their USP’s is that they have a highly customizable plan. The user can choose the features that fit their specific needs.

We were interested in finding out how a younger player in the US carrier game is being received. To find out, we ran 4 184 of their reviews from Trustpilot through Gavagai Explorer. This is what we found out!

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “customer service” has a considerable occurrence-rate at 54%. It also correlates to an increase in average grade by 0,17 / 5, from average 4,47 to 4,64.

Also boosting positivity is the topic “the price”, correlating with an increase of 0,24 / 5. Considering that it occurs in 37 % of all reviews, it does a good job of boosting grades in the reviews it is mentioned.

The topic “easy” is one of the highest performing topics as it correlates with an average increase in average grade by 0,32 / 5. It has an occurrence of 8% in all reviews.

The topic “customize” seems to drive grades up when mentioned. But the topic only occurs in 2% of reviews. It occurs along with topics like “plan”, “fit” and “price”.

What can we tell from this?

Tello seems to be doing very well with an average grade of 4,51. It could be on its way to challenge more established carriers. It seems to be checking some of the major boxes, such as a competitive price, customer service and being easy to use. Customization is a big selling point, but is either not the most relevant aspect to most customers, or is simply not utilized or discovered enough to occur in reviews more than 2% of the time.

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