Analyzing 2 361 reviews about online medical app Pushdoctor

What do patients think about remote doctor’s visits?

Pushdoctor is an online medical consultation service which provides customers with a way to connect with General practitioners via tablets, phone or computers for a secure video consultation.

It is an innovative way to process clients faster and eliminating trips to clinics. But we wanted to see what we could learn about these types of services and how they are being received by clients. So we took 2 361 reviews posted on Trustpilot and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Here are some interesting insights.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The analysis indicates that overall customer satisfaction with the service and the doctors are high, with a rating above the average of 3,89 / 5. The highest-rated topics are “quick” and “easy”

Further analysis on the topic “£20” show that this topic is a big negative driver and is also related to the topics “10” “appointment” and “charged”. What customers are referring to is the 10-minute threshold that when exceeded, charges the customer £20 extra.

The topic “pay” is one of the fewer mentioned topics, but is a negative driver in this analysis and has an occurrence strongly related to the topic “prescription”.

The Strongest positive drivers are also decreasing in mentions each year. The topics “easy” and “quick” seem to be less relevant each year and a possible explanation might be related to the rising competition and that people have grown accustomed to this type of service being available.

What could this mean for Pushdoctor?

We think these insights shed light on factors that an online medical service should keep in mind.

Customers seem to be satisfied with the quick and easy health consultation services that are accessible anywhere with a good network connection. 

What seems to be driving the overall ratings negatively are very impactful topics. The topic “pay” indicates a problem with the information given to clients regarding the extra charge for prescriptions. This is why the relation to the topic “prescription” is high.

That being said, we think these insights may provide possible guidelines as to where resource distribution could be focused to improve overall services and customer relations.

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