Analyzing 2 029 reviews about Gym Direct fitness store

Can Customer Feedback Analysis explain Amazon’s market position?

Gym Direct is one of Australia’s leading providers for quality gym and fitness equipment. Established in 2007, Gym Direct has grown nation-wide and is best known for their competitive prices and large range of premium products.

If you google “Australian gym equipment store” you get Gym Direct as top result. How did this business grow to be the number one supplier of fitness equipment in the continent? We wanted to learn about their success, so we ran 2 029 reviews about Gym Direct through Gavagai explorer. Some things we found really surprised us!

Here are 4 things we found interesting!

The topic “customer service” has a grade of 4,80. This value is higher than the overall average grade of 4,71 for the project. It has the most occurrences along with the topics “great” and “Item” but has been dropping in sentiment since 2018.

Topic “website” has a grade of 4,63 and is frequently occurring along with the topics “order” and “delivery”. The sentiment for this topic has dropped from 85% positivity to only 45% positivity since 2016.

The topic “communication” is a significant negative driver. In 33% of the cases, it is occurring along with the topic “delivery” which may indicate issues with the communication around the delivery.

The topics “price” and “quality” are both highly rated and around average in occurrence. These topics are big positive drivers in this project and are, as the company description states, the basis of the company.

What can we tell from this?

According to the analysis, Gym Direct seems to offer quality products at affordable price. But there seem to be issues with the communications around the delivery. If we study the topic further, we can see it only occurs in 5% of the reviews which in relation to 2 029 reviews is not much. Even so, it’s important to keep up to date on factors that might cause customers to look elsewhere, especially with other players vying for market share.

What’s worrying in this project is the declining sentiment around the topics which seem to be related to the year 2018. Maybe it was because of some kind of reorganization or just different processing.

We think this analysis gives us a good overview of the positive and negative attributes of this company. Topics raised here may well warrant deeper investigation, in order to find low-hanging fruit for improving the customer experience.

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