We analyzed 2 078 reviews about L’Aquarium Barcelona

Diving into the customer’s experience of L’Aquarium, Barcelona.

L’Aquarium is an aquarium located in Barcelona, Spain. The facility contains 35 aquariums with 11 000 animals and 450 species. It sounds very impressive but what do the customers say?

We wanted to dive into the customers’ experience at L’Aquarium and see what tourists are saying about their visit. So we took 2 078 reviews about L’Aquarium posted on TripAdvisor and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Here’s what we found!

Here are 4 things we found interesting!

36% of customers were talking about the topic “sharks”, and the topic is associated with an average rating of 3,79, higher than the overall rating of 3,51. This topic was most frequently discussed together with “fish” (34%), “tunnel” (26%) and “tanks”(18%).

31% of all reviews mentioned the topic “price”, and the topic had an average rating of 3,06, the lowest of all topics. Another negative topic highlighted was “people”, the most associated topic to people and a negative rating was “amount” suggesting tourists find the facility overcrowded.

The topic “species” was talked about by 9% of the customers. This topic had an average rating of 3,86, the highest of all ratings. It was found together with the topics “variety” (32%) and fish (28%).

The topic “children” was mentioned in 37% of the reviews and was associated with a higher than average grade. This topic was found frequently together with “good” (12%) and “great” (12%).

What can we tell from this?

Customers seem really happy about the variety of sea life at the aquarium. They frequently talk about the variety of species of sharks and fish and this increases the rating the customers give the facility. 

Visitors seem to think the facility is overpriced. Many customers mention the admission fee and this drives down the average rating. Another factor driving a more negative rating is the number of people in the facility. Could there be periods where peoples’ experience is limited by overcrowding?

However, it is worth mentioning that the complaints are not increasing, indicating that the it is not a growing problem. L’Aquarium is great for children and families. Many reviews concern children and this is a positive driving force in customer satisfaction. 

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