We analyzed 2 200 reviews about Apple.com

What does review data say about Apple’s position over time?

Apple is considered one of the Big Four tech companies in the world. They have products like iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV etc. Founded in 1976 it is now one of the biggest companies worldwide. The company makes a large portion of its sales through Apple.com, and the website is naturally an important source of product and company information for customers.

Apple.com has an overall average grade of only 2/5 on Trustpilot. We wanted to see what we could learn about the experiences of the customers of one of the world’s biggest technology companies. We took 2 200 reviews and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Some things we learned were interesting!

Here are 4 insights from the data!

We can see that the average grade for “iPhone” is higher than the average grade for phones in general or other kinds. The average grade for “iPhone” is 2,14 / 5 and the overall average grade of 1,79 / 5.

The net sentiment for “iPhone” has decreased over the last years. Since 2012 there has been a bad trend for the net sentiment about “iPhone”.

“Speed” is a positive driver for Apple. It has an average grade of 2,55 which is good compared to the overall average grade of 1,79. The “speed” is related to “deliveries”, “customer service” and the “products”.

The biggest topic is the “customer service”. 42% of the reviews mention it and it is a positive driver for the overall average grade. Customers seem rather satisfied with the customer service. In the topic “talking” we can see that some customers are not happy with how they are treated by the support. The overall average grade is 1,79, the average grade for “customer service” is 2,15 and the average grade for “talking” is 1,29.

What can we tell from this?

With such a low average grade for Apple.com, but arguably very well regarded products and brand, it’s interesting to see what people mention in these reviews.

The customer service is a positive driver for the overall grade. We can see indications though that it is not perfect. Since the overall average grade is quite low, the slightly higher grade for customer service doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement.

The grade is higher when customers speak of iPhones in particular instead of smartphones in general. It indicates that the brand is strong and a positive factor for the company. The decreasing net sentiment might be worth looking into further.

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