Analyzing 476 reviews about Magento eCommerce

Is Magento Keeping Up With User Accessibility In eCommerce Software?

Magento is a company that provides eCommerce software – enabling users to make and customize online stores to fit their particular market. Being a subsidiary to Adobe, Magento is one of the biggest players in the eCommerce market and occupies the first place on top tens at Forrester and Retailer.

We were really interested in seeing what makes Magento a big player in eCommerce platforms. To get some pointers, we fed 476 Capterra reviews into Gavagai Explorer. Here are some results!

What’s the future for eCommerce tools?

The topic “plugins” occurs in 11% of all interviews and correlates with an increase in average grade by 0,23 / 5. Since the average review grade is already high (4,35), this should be considered a well-performing topic. It is often seen in connection with topics “available” and “expensive”.

A topic that is correlating with negative reviews is “difficult”. With an occurrence rate of 17%, its mention brings about a decrease in grade of 0,18 / 5 compared to the grade average. Its correlation to positive sentiment has also drastically declined over time. Worth noting as well is the connection in occurrence with topics “understand” at 23% and “learn”.

Mention of the topic “developer” correlates with a decrease in average grade from 4,39 (overall average) to 4,21 out of 5. It is often mentioned in combination with “expensive” and “hire”. The topic occurs in 20% of all reviews.

Many options, but hard to use?

Magento is doing very well for themselves with an average grade of 4,35. Even so, there are some topics that are driving the average grade down. As we have seen, those topics are related to the software being hard to use and the consequences thereof.

The data seems to indicate that users find the software difficult to learn. That apparently necessitates hiring expensive developers to customize their websites. But it does seem that the customizability with the plugins of the platform is an aspect that makes reviewers give better grades.

For anyone who wants to share the market with Magento, it seems that finding the balance between usability and customization options could be imperative.

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