Summary of 841 reviews for Petit Palais Museum

Is Petit Palais a hidden gem in Paris’ crowded art space?

The Petit Palais is the smaller cousin of the Grand Palais in downtown Paris, France.

It is an art museum that offers a variety of paintings, sculptures and artifacts in a beautiful architectural design from the 1800’s.

We wanted to see how a museum of Petit Palais proportion is doing in an environment where art and history are central. Paris is after all home to museums such as the well-known Louvre, Musée d’Orsay or even the more known Grand Palais. So, we took 841 reviews of Petit Palais and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. The results were really interesting!

Here are 5 things we found!

The topic “courtyard” occurs 40% less than the most occurring topic “architecture”. Visitors talk about the architecture of the building, the free entry, the art, the sculptures. But the biggest positive driver is the museums’ courtyard!

We can also see in the analysis that the overall ratings for the museum are more positive. The lowest ratings tend to be among the fewest mentioned topics, such as “Staff” and “small”.

Being a smaller museum, the topic “small” does have a significant enough occurrence to show up prominently in our analysis, and although it is the biggest negative drivers, the related topic “crowded” is driving grades up – often mentioning how it’s not crowded compared to other museums.

All of the main topics for art, architecture and exhibitions (including the topics “collections” and “exhibitions”) have a positive effect on grades.

The topic “food” has a positive effect on the 12% of reviews that mention it. A closer look reveals that prices, the cafe environment are the main related topics.

What can we tell from this?

The courtyard is one of the biggest positive drivers for the Petit Palais. It would seem that the café and beautiful garden are well-appreciated by tourists in crowded city like Paris.

Although the museum is small, the analysis indicates that the visitors feel the museum is more spacious. This is because of the lesser general knowledge of the museum which contributes to lesser crowds.

The analysis indicates a very high rating for one of the smallest museums in Paris due to its tranquil gardens, food, free entry, lesser crowd and of course art.

But we also found more impactful insights to dive deeper into, such as the topic “staff” and the grade and occurrence in relation to other topics.

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