We analyzed 2 378 Reviews about ESET Cybersecurity

How is ESET sustaining an average grade of 4.83 on Trustpilot?

Widely known for their antivirus software NOD32, ESET is a cybersecurity company with over 110 million users worldwide. ESET is known to find and research back doors in several major software suites. ESET run similar operations to improve back-end security online.

Cybersecurity is a necessity, but operating securely can also cause friction and inconvenience for users. We were interested in finding out why ESET seems to have overcome this, judging by their 4,83 average rating on Trustpilot. To explore the reason for the positive reception of ESET, we ran 2 378 reviews through Gavagai Explorer. This is what the results told us!

Here are 5 things we found out!

The topic “devices” correlates to a higher than average grade and it occurs in 7% of all reviews. It is sometimes used with topic “safe”.

“Trust” correlates with a grade average of 4,98 / 5 and it’s included in 5% of all reviews. The grade compares positively to the overall grade average for the project, 4,82 / 5.

The topic “discrete” also correlates with a higher than average score of 4,95 / 5. It occurs in 4% of the reviews and is sometimes used in connection with “quietly” and “update”.

“Renewal” is a topic that correlates with a lower grade average of 4,30 / 5. The topic occurs in 4 % of all reviews and its average grade is 0,52 / 5 lower than the average.

What can we tell from this?

With an average score of 4,82, ESET seems to be doing most things right. Our analysis shows that almost all topics are performing well.

A topic that stands out is “trust”. The complicated and universal nature of the objective of cybersecurity requires a great deal of faith from the users. Any cybersecurity provider aspiring to reach the heights of ESET’s average grade probably needs to take note of that.

ESET might also be appreciated because of its discreet presence on the computer. Unlike some of its competitors, ESET does not seem to call attention to itself or require much user action – which reviewers seem to appreciate.

It also seems that ESET does well over several platforms, since “devices” is a topic that drives positivity. 

The only blip on ESET’s radar might be seeing if it could further optimize the renewal process. Some users appear to give worse than average grades because of it.

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