Summary of 21 598 reviews on Pharmacy First

What do UK customers think about this online Pharmacy?

Pharmacy First is a UK online pharmacy that sells products through their website Deliveries are made right to the doorsteps of the customers. Pharmacy First of course wants to be an effective and modern healthcare service.

We wanted to see what we could learn about the experiences of the customers of a leading online pharmacy. We took 21 598 reviews about Pharmacy First posted on Trustpilot, and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Some things we learned were really interesting!

Here are 4 points of interest!

The topic “delivered” is the most mentioned and it is spoken about in 56% of the reviews. Deliveries are a positive driver for the overall grade. Deliveries have an average grade of 4.64 while the overall average grade is 4.52. Deliveries are closely connected with the topic quick.

The topic “emails” has a negative impact on the overall grade. The average grade for the email topic is 3.16 which is a lot lower than the overall average of 4.52. Emails are just mentioned in 3% of the reviews though.

30% of the reviews mention the topic “price” and sentiment is more positive than the overall average. The average grade of 4.80 is positive and higher than the overall average of 4.41.

The topic “First-class” has a negative impact on the overall average grade. We can see that first-class is related to postage. Some customers mention that they paid for first class delivery, but it still took a long time to get their products.

What can Pharmacy First do with these insights?

The customers seem to be happy about the fast deliveries. Since more than half of the reviews mention the deliveries and the sentiment is positive it should be regarded as one off the biggest strengths for Pharmacy First.

However, customers who pay for first class deliveries are not as satisfied with the deliveries. There might be some room for improvement in how Pharmacy First responds and handle emails. Emails aren’t mentioned in a great amount of the reviews but the sentiment is poor.

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