Summarizing 1 130 Reviews about Nextgen Population Health

How is Nextgen handling the problems of digital patient health records?

Nextgen Healthcare is a health-tech company that offers an integrated IT-platform for managing patient information, scheduling, etc. Their EHR (Electronic Health Record) called Population Health software serves many purposes. The main application is to prevent and reduce mistakes in care due to missing information. For example, a patient might receive incorrect treatment or no treatment as a result of their records being misplaced.

We wanted to see how users of a health-tech platform like Nextgen talk about their experience, and see what we could learn. We took 1 130 reviews from Capterra and analyzed them in Gavagai Explorer, giving us these insights!

Here are 4 things we learned

The topic of patient “charts” is driving ratings down somewhat. It only occurs in 6% of cases but is a core feature of the software.

The topic “Practice management” and “Simple” are both driving positive ratings. Simplicity is mentioned in almost half of all reviews and relates to a number of aspects

The topic “training” has a positive influence on grades and is mentioned in 22% of reviews. Users occasionally mention it along with “learning curve” and “difficulty”.

The topic “implementation” is the most powerful positive driver, correlating to an increase in grade average of 0,36 out of 5. It only occurs in about 6% of the reviews and is often seen in connection to topics “process” and “customer service”.

The topic “clicks” is mentioned in 7% of all reviews and correlates to a decrease in the average grade by 0,49 out of 5. It is often mentioned in connection to “takes” and “requires”.

What can we tell from this?

The software seems to be regarded as simple in a number of aspects. Nextgen offers training and webinars. Training would appear to be somewhat needed (users mentioning learning curve and difficulty) and very prominent in users’ minds – given it’s high occurrence. “Implementation” seems to go well. Since not all users will be involved in the implementation process, it seems Nextgen is able to make the users who are involved in that process satisfied.

The reviewers might be less enthusiastic about the user experience, since the topics “slow” and “clicks” correlate to lower grades. “Clicks” together with “takes” / “requires” and negative grade impact may well indicate that users fell that the software requires too many mouse clicks.

Overall, Nextgen is doing well and reviewers are positive to the basic features of the software, and the implementation process. Though the user experience is important to reviewers, and the software might give the impression of being hard to use.

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