Understanding What is Driving Customer Satisfaction

5 Minute Example of getting Insights using Gavagai Explorer

Suppose you are an employee for a hotel. Your manager has given you last month’s customer reviews. They ask you to figure out what is driving customer satisfaction. The only data you have is a text review and a satisfaction rating from each guest. 

You also need  to figure out if the new wine initiative and also  the pastry initiative are driving positive satisfaction and profitability.

Going from Customer Reviews to Actionable Satisfaction Drivers

  1. Uploading your customer reviews
  2. The Explorer generates Topics from the text data
  3. Some results from The Explorer

1. Uploading the Text: Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop your Excel file – or CSV file. The Explorer can handle up to a 250k texts in over 45 different languages.

2. Generate Topics: AI Based Text Analytics

Through text analytics, the Explorer then generates a list of topics with a report for each. We can get multiple layers of analysis from the text data. 

The example for the Topic Room:

  1. The Room topic covers 75% of the reviews. 
  2. The Sentiment for the topic Room is 64% Positive.
  3. The topic is built up of semantically related terms from the text data so  the system can find expressions such as “hotel suite” or “suites” in reference to “hotel rooms”.
  4. Associations for the topic Room are the ways  people talk about the room: clean, beautiful, and comfortable.

3. Some Results from Text Analytics

Next  you can go through the list of topics the Gavagai Explorer presents  and choose the most interesting ones. The reviews speak overwhelmingly positive about the staff. The top three associations are friendly, helpful, and lovely.

We now take a look at The Explorer Excel results and graph them (visualization and auto-graphing coming out soon!). We can  see among the different user ratings, the 5 Star reviews mention the staff much more than the lower star reviews.

You can see there is only one negative review about Wine.

But you can see that the 4 and 5 Star reviews are speaking about Wine relatively more.

If you take the average user rating for the reviews mentioning wine and compare them to the reviews not mentioning wine you can see wine reviews score higher.

Areas of Improvement

You can see the 1 and 2 Star reviews are speaking much more about the hotel’s pastry, and importantly the 5 Star reviews speak relatively much less about the pastry.

So you can present to your manager and team that your staff and the wine are driving positive satisfaction while there are some areas of improvements like the pastries.

Now that you became a Data Rockstar, keep learning with these resources.

You can download the data report from The Explorer to see for yourself.

Want to try this kind of analysis on your own data?

Gavagai Explorer is free to try (no credit card needed) and works in 47 languages.

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