Analyzing 551 reviews about a Dickies knit hat

In the head of a hat-buyer – What can we learn from knitted hat reviews?

Even simple items are subject to customer experience! Dickies is a clothing company who sells heavy-duty clothes. The business started back in 1922. The Dickies Men’s Knit Beanie is one of their most basic products – It is a hat that is 100% acrylic, single colored and has a Dickies logo at the front.

We wanted to see what we could learn from analyzing reviews on a knitted hat – what factors matter to these customers? So we took 551 reviews about the Dickies Men’s Knit Beanie posted on Amazon, and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Here’s what we learned!

Here are 4 things we thought were interesting

The most positive topic is the brand. When customers speak about the brand, they tend to give higher grades than the overall average. The average grade for the brand is 4,94 and the overall average grade is 4,31.

The material is a negative driver for the overall grade of the hat. 3,94 is the average grade for the material and 4,31 is the overall average grade. However, the most common emotive words used when talking about material are nice and good. The net sentiment has also increased over the last years.

When customers speak about their relatives and partners, they tend to give higher grades than the average. The reviews often refer to how a customer bought the hat for their husband or son. The average grade for relatives & partners is 4,51 and the overall average grade is 4,31.

The topic “Ears” seems to be driving grades down somewhat, but reviews are mixed. Intentions seem to vary between having a hat that covers the ears completely, or one that does not – impacting opinions. The topic is associated with an average grade 0.57 points lower than the average, which is significant in a high-average case like this.

What’s on the customer’s mind?

The brand is a very positive factor. Customers give the hat a higher grade because they like the brand. Dickies can be proud about their brand and it might be clever to use the brand’s position when they promote their products.

It’s possible that the topic Ears is mainly brought up when the reaction to ear coverage differs from expectations and intended use case. Sentiment for “Ears peaked during 2016 and 2017. It’s not unfeasible that hat fashion aligned with this product’s ear coverage at that time.

It seems like a lot of customers buy this hat to their relatives and partners. 11% of all reviews mention a relative or a partner. This is also a positive driver for the overall grade. It is interesting to see that the hat often is bought and appreciated as a gift.

We hope this inspired you to look into even the most basic of subjects, because there are always insights hiding in the data!

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