Quick Summary of 264 Reviews on Bosch UK

Bosch UK and the UK consumer, does their service meet demands?

Bosch UK was founded in 1898 and has a presence in many different sectors including Mobility Solutions, Consumer Goods, Energy and Building Technology, and Industrial Technology. They are a major supplier of household goods. Many products have their own reviews, but what about the company making the products? How to customer’s view Bosch as a whole, and the service it gives to those who buy and use their goods?

What can we learn about how customers experience appliances manufactured by Bosch? We took 284 reviews about Bosch UK posted on Trustpilot, and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. He’s what the analysis showed us!

Here are 3 things we learned!

Customer service was the most frequently talked about topic. 72% of customers talked about customer service with an average rating of 1.29 / 5. This was above the overall review average of 1.27. The most frequent associated topic was “engineer/technician” (at 21%).

Broken items receive more positive reviews when they have been replaced. 15% of all the reviews discussed broken items. This was associated with the highest average rating of 1.36. Within the topic the average rating was positive when discussed with “replacement” and “warranty”. The most negative impact was when discussed together with “repairs”.

Customer seem to have issues with the delivery of items. The topic “delivery” had the lowest rating of 1.05. This topic was frequently discussed together with customer service (48%) and replacement (15%).

Do Bosch customers need more help with faulty appliances?

The overall customer rating for Bosch was low. Thus, all topics were associated with a rating of under 1.5. Suggesting many areas of improvement. The most talked about topic was customer service, which bears a large weight in the overall rating of the company and therefore likely needs improvement in order to increase the overall customer experience. 

Customers who had issues with their equipment that could be resolved in connection to replacement and warranty were associated with the highest ratings. This suggests a good warranty program and exchange policy is essential. 

The number of reviews available was somewhat low here. Therefore, more data would be of benefit in follow-up studies, such as from surveys and interviews. This data is also not in regard to the performance of specific appliances and is therefore not to be seen as an analysis of any one product.

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