Summarizing 8 196 reviews about Office 365

Has Cloud Productivity won the hearts and minds of customers?

Microsoft has set their sight on a number of tech-related products and solutions in recent years, but their most established service is still Office 365, a family of softwares and services that are used by both companies and individuals.

Since Office 365 is used by such a large number of customers worldwide, we thought it could be interesting to look closer on why people choose Microsoft’s productivity suite. Therefore, we analyzed more than 8 000 reviews about Microsoft Office 365, posted on Capterra, to see what the customers think.

Here are 4 things we found out!

Reviewers who mentioned the Topic “Subscription” have about 10 percent higher grade than the average for all reviews. The Topic is often mentioned together with the Topics “Yearly” and “Monthly”.

People who mention the topic “Collaboration” seems to give a lower grade than the average: 4.44/5 vs. 4.54/5. However, some reviewers writes that the product is helpful for collaboration.

The Topic “Devices” seems to drive positive grade, from the average 4.54/5 to 4.68/5. Other Topics that are related to this is “User” and “Install”.

The Topic “Access” is driving grades upwards. Access frequently occur with the Topic “The cloud”. It is also discussed in connection to the Topic “Devices”.

What can we tell from this?

The results from our analysis show that even though the average grade for Microsoft Office 365 is high (4.54/5) there are areas where the service could be improved in the eyes of users.

Based on what we have seen, some extra focus could be on how collaboration can be made easier. The Topic Collaboration frequently occurred with the Topic “Teams”. Worth mention is that this topic includes both “Team” (as a working team) and “Teams” (the communication platform Microsoft Teams), which means it should be investigated further. One Topic that seems to be important for the customers is Access. Many reviewers appreciate the ability to access Office from any device. 

So it seems cloud productivity is indeed here to stay, at least judging from customer feedback.

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