Quick Summary of 241 Reviews about Volkswagen

What do customers think about Volkswagen UK?

We have conducted a quick analysis of reviews on Volkswagen, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, with an employee count of 664,496 and a market cap of 92 billion USD. We know that one of the biggest challenges in today’s car market is perfecting the customer experience to ensure sales stay up.

We wanted to look closer at a car company and their purchasing experience, so we took 241 customer reviews on Volkswagen UK and ran them through Gavagai explorer. After less than an hour, we got some insights!

Here are 3 things we found interesting!

The topic “purchase” (relating to the purchasing experience) is one of the most impactful topics for high grade. We looked closer at the topic to see how the sentiment for that topic varies over the years.

The topic “Staff” occurs in only 13% of texts but is a factor that drives positive grade. Those who talk about staff will on average give a 0.29 higher grade than the overall average grade, and the two of the most common related topic is ”helpful” and “polite”.

The topics “durability” is a higher rated topic (0.3 higher than the average grade) and occurs frequently in the topic “cars”. But the occurrence of the topic ”durability” is dropping and has dropped by 20% since 2015 .

What does this mean for Volkswagen?

Although Volkswagen UK is already well established, the possibility for growth and improvement is always there and these insights should be seen as tools that provides possible guidelines.

Our analysis seems to indicate that the main issues negatively affecting customer satisfaction is not necessarily the cars themselves . People seem satisfied with their purchase and ownership of Volkswagen cars but there is something with the interaction between customer and the customer services provided by Volkswagen where the complaints pile up.

Correlation between lower rated values and topics such as “repair” “parts” “warranty” indicates that the customer interactions addressing these topics seems to be a big negative driver.

Armed with these insights, there are a few key areas which are worth looking into in follow-up studies. Diving deeper into a larger sample size of texts would likely yield a clearer picture, allowing a company like VW to make impactful improvements.

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