Analysis of 1 340 Reviews About Norwegian Air

Could Customer Satisfaction be affecting Norwegian’s current challenges?

Analyzing Norwegian Air Reviews

Maybe you’ve taken this popular low cost airline in Europe or around the world. Norwegian Air’s stock price has been doing very well in the past, but seems to be taking a slight dip in recent months.

We have taken hundreds of open-ended reviews to try and make the ultimate review of all the reviews – to find out what people on aggregate think about Norwegian Airlines. What do people really like? What do they dislike? We used The Gavagai Explorer to analyze the open-ended text and create the Dashboard you see below and found some interesting points.

Here are 6 things we learned!

We can see the staff is a highly spoken about topic consistently over time, but the sentiment from the passengers is decreasing. And the impact to the rating score is negative.

The Topic Baggage has been spoken about more and more over the years, the sentiment is decreasing over time and the impact to the rating is very negative.

One of the largest positive impacts to the rating is when guests mention that Norwegian was efficient and smooth, but the number of mentions peaked in 2015 and has decreased to less than half in 2018/2019

Wifi has generated a very high rating for Norwegian air, but over time passengers are speaking less about it. This could mean Wifi is becoming a hygiene factor to passengers and they are becoming used to it.

The Topic Clean has a very positive impact on the Rating, but over time the Topic is decreasing in occurrence.

The Topic Cheap has a slightly positive impact on the rating, but the passengers have started speaking much less about the Topic over time.

What’s next?

We can see some important Topics spoken about are decreasing in occurrence and becoming the status quo (for example, the Wifi, cleanliness, or the cheapness). This could mean guests are becoming passive and Norwegian might need to one-up themselves again or risk falling into irrelevance from competitors who disrupt them. In addition, it seems by the Topics Norwegian Air reviews have, Norwegian is slipping in quality, for example, their Speed and Efficiency. And unfortunately, their Staff and how they handle baggage seem to be getting worse over time.

The first step to improving is listening to your customer, and text analytics is a perfect tool in doing that.

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