Summarizing of 1 849 employee reviews for UBS Bank

Does this Swiss bank truly invest in it’s employees?

UBS is the largest Swiss bank in the world. With approximately 67 000 employees worldwide, UBS is sure to attract talent by virtue of it’s scale alone. But recruitment in the banking business is still fiercely competitive. With a slew of new Fintech players entering the market, incumbent organizations will need to keep an eye on what impression employees and potential hires have of them as an employer.

We wanted to see how guests talk about a huge multinational bank like UBS, so we took 1849 reviews from and analyzed them in Gavagai Explorer, which gave us these results.

Here are 4 things we learned from employees’ feedback!

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Note: Because reviews have ratings, Explorer has used employee ratings as the core metric in the analysis. Topics discussed here contain several words and phrases related to that topic, not just the topic name itself.

The topic “Learning” is mentioned in 25% of reviews and has a significant positive impact on the grade. It was mentioned often enough to show up as a separate Topic from “Experience”, which was common and positive topic too, but less so than Learning.

The topics for “Team” and “Working environment” are both mentioned often and drive positive ratings. Team-related terms were mentioned often enough as a standalone topic to warrant having the topic separately from the topic “Coworkers”, which is noteworthy.

The topic “Salary” was mentioned in only 9% of texts, but is the topic that has the biggest negative impact on Grade. This means that reviews mentioning terms related to salary gave a much lower grade on average.

The topics “Culture” and “People are the 2nd and 3rd biggest drivers of negative grade. Unlike other people-related topics like Coworkers or Team, the topic “People” brings up both positive and negative experiences. Respondents more often use terms related to Coworkers or Team when speaking positively.

What could this mean?

A bank like UBS could position themselves as a place for learning from collective experience and teamwork. Their long track-record could give them an edge over newer companies in this regard.

But in terms of what it’s like to work at UBS, there seems to be a range of opinion. While work environment and teams are a good influence, there are cultural and people-related issues that require further investigation. The next step in an analysis like this is to start separating out and comparing cohorts, which Explorer can also do.

The salary issue need a good look. Talent in the industry might well look to major established players for well compensated jobs. and feedback like this is problematic when competing over talent against newer players.

We look forward to looking closer at the financial services industry moving forward, to see what matters most to both customers and employees!

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