Summary of 915 reviews for Kervansaray Lara Hotel

Does this 5-star Antalya hotel get 5 stars from guests?

Kervansaray is a major hotel and resort chain in Turkey, with several hotels across the country. Guests come from all over the world, but many customers are native Turks.

We wanted to see how guests talk about a resort hotel like this, so we took 915 reviews from Tripadvisor and ran them through Gavagai Explorer, giving us these results.

To keep things simple, we focused on English-language reviews, but Explorer can easily interpret Turkish reviews too. If foreign-language texts are to be analyzed – we recommend having a native speaker on-hand to interpret the cultural aspects present in texts like these.

Here are 4 things we learned from the analysis!

A standout feature is the animation team (shown in the photo above!). They provide entertainment and activities for guests. First occurring in 2009, this topic is associated with an average review rating of 4.09 – 0.52 points higher than the average rating across all these reviews (3.52 / 5)

The hotel’s pools are mentioned fairly often, but also have a positive impact on ratings. They’re often mentioned along with “clean”, which is a good sign .

Starting in 2007, the algorithm starts detecting higher occurrence of “Rudeness”, which drives down ratings significantly when present. It occurs in a surprising 17% of texts and has is associated with an average grade of 2.32 (compared to 3.52, the overall average). It’s mentioned mostly in connection with Staff.

The topic “English” seems to drive grade downwards. Some guests mention staff speaking English well, but others have the complete opposite impression.

What’s next?

The hotel seems to have a winning concept on their hands with the animation team. They are a little bit divisive, but overall seem to have a big impact on the experience. However, if they want returning guests it may be worth looking into how guests are treated by staff. There’s approximately a 17% chance that a Tripadvisor reader will see reviews mentioning terms like “rude”, which may deter customers in spite of a high rating.

This was a very quick analysis, but going deeper into what high-rating customers think, or guests from different countries, could yield further clarity.

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