Summary of 267 employee reviews of UNICEF – What do people think?

What’s it like to work for the UN Children’s fund?

Organizations like UNICEF depend on having dedicated staff, volunteers and contributors to help fulfill their mission.

One might expect the determining factors for choosing to work for such an organization to be somewhat different than the factors that determine whether someone works for a commercial employer.

We wanted to see what employees think is most important about working for an organization like UNICEF. To do this, we took 267 employee reviews from Glassdoor and ran them through Gavagai Explorer, giving us these results.

Here are 5 things we learned from the analysis!

Because Glassdoor reviews have ratings, Explorer has used employee ratings as the core metric in the analysis.
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The mission of working to help children is the second most commonly mentioned topic (31%) and seems to be driving higher ratings than average. It’s clear that many see the mandate as a key factor in their work experience.

Employees who mention the topic “Different” rate their work experience highly, but they are not very many (4%). This topic contains references to different cultures, different levels and different projects.

Professionalism is a major driver of high ratings. Topic-wise it has commonalities with the more frequent topic “Experience”, which also drives higher ratings.

Management is a fairly major driver of negative ratings, and also occurs frequently.

Salary and benefits are brought up frequently by employees who rated lower than average.

What’s next?

In Summary, UNICEF seems to face some challenges related to management and compensation, but there are also testimonials that speak positively of these topics. The main reasons to work at UNICEF seem to relate to the mission and the international aspect, as well as the professional experience.

It would be especially interesting to look closer at the people who appear to thrive in diverse and multicultural environments. They appear to be very happy, and given the context of the work being done it’s possible they may also be some of the best employees.

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