Aggregated Polish reviews for Komputronik S.A. – Our Analysis

Analyzing customer opinion on distribution of IT equipment and home appliances.

Komputronik S.A. is a Polish retailer that offers their own electronics, as well as various home appliances and devices. The company was founded in 1996 in Poznań. They’re active in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as in Poland. The Group also offers services in IT integrations and consulting – providing solutions for enterprises and institutions.

On the Polish technology market, the competition from domestic and foreign companies is enormous, so the opinion of every customer is extremely important.

In this Dashboard from the Gavagai Explorer, you can see the topics and sentiments from 615 Polish-language reviews about Komputronik S.A., taken from Trustpilot. Feel free to explore the dashboard. The review data is in Polish; check out for more analyses like this in your own language!

This graph shows the 10 chosen topics that occur most frequently, as well as the sentiment we measured around each topic.

Here are some trends that we could observe:

The most frequently mentioned topic is “store”, and it has overwhelmingly positive sentiments. This means that whenever your customers left a review and included this word, they expressed positivity.

Positive topics also include “fast”, “service”, and “product”. These are all strong indications of easy and enjoyable shopping!

It’s clear that words like “service”, “fast”, and “delivery” are on the minds of many satisfied customers. These are clearly represented among the sentiment drivers.

These are just a few of the things we found by looking at the data – feel free to take a look yourself and see what conclusions you can draw.

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