Aggregated French reviews about La Poste Mobile

Analyzing comments about La Poste Mobile – what do users think?

Many companies today are pivoting into new markets and products. Moving into the mobile phone provider market, you’re sure to face stiff competition. The operators are often many, and a single flaw could tip the scales. The French Postal Service La Poste has made such a move, and we wanted to see what people think.

We analyzed 262 reviews from customers of La Poste Mobile, to illustrate what has made them happy and that made them choose this service, but also what could make them leave. We collected this data, and analyzed it in the Gavagai Explorer, which handled the analysis automatically.

We then analyzed the results from the resulting dashboard, and we invite you to take a look here. Bear in mind, the review data itself is in French; check out for more analyses like this in your own language.

The graph above shows the occurrence of key terms, and the sentiment that we found tied to those terms. Explore the Dashboard here.

Here are some observations we made

Happy customers mostly mention various offers/discounts, and dissatisfied customers mention mobile data. Although generally appreciated, the network and internet connection are the biggest factors of negative sentiment.

The topic “problem” shows an overall positive sentiment. Looking closer, we see that many customers use the word “worries” or “problems” to state that they didn’t encounter them, or that their problem was minor / was taken care of.

The biggest grade driver (in a positive way) is price. The service itself, and customer service, come next.

The biggest factors of negative sentiment are the network, and the internet connection. Customers, however, are overwhelmingly satisfied with the price of the service. This means that despite the problems they have encountered, most of them remain satisfied in terms of value for money.

Want to draw your own conclusions? Explore our dashboard here.

Want to try this kind of analysis on your own data?

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