Aggregated reviews from Polish travelers with LOT Airlines

Maintaining Altitude – Review analysis of Polish travelers with LOT

Polish Airline LOT bears the merit of being one of the longest-running active airlines in the world. Success factors in this market include ticket prices, aircraft efficiency and available destinations – but are these factors enough to become such a big player?

The most significant factor is always the satisfaction of the customer. The way customer feedback is handled is therefore crucial if you want to become an established player like LOT. Because no audience is more important than your home audience, we wanted to look into what Polish travelers think about their largest airline.

In this Dashboard from the Gavagai Explorer, you can see the topics and sentiments from 850 Polish-language reviews about Polish airlines LOT, taken from TripAdvisor.

Feel free to explore the dashboard. The review data is in Polish; check out for more analyses like this in your own language!

Let’s take a closer look

Explore what customers of Polish Airlines LOT have to say
  • By clicking on the most frequent topics like “flight”, “service”, and “plane”, it’s possible to see the exact amount of positive and negative mentions, respectively.
  • It’s also possible to explore what the sentiment drivers are, i.e. topics that are found in reviews that are on average more positive or more negative. For example, chair is one of the top sentiment drivers and is mentioned frequently in positive reviews.

At the end of the day, what really matters are your clients and what they think about you—our tool gives you indispensable insights into this.

Want to try this kind of analysis on your own data?

Gavagai Explorer is free to try (no credit card needed) and works in 46 languages.

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