Aggregated French reviews about the Amazon Echo

Resonating with Users – analyzing French reviews on the Amazon Echo

Even though a product is highly rated, it doesn’t mean it is perfect. After all, what is missing for this 4.5 out of 5 stars to become a 5 star? What aspects of the product have driven satisfaction and ratings, and which have lowered them?

If customers are unhappy, nothing else matters. Customer feedback is vital to understanding how your product works in everyday use, and how people experience it. And breaking into new geographical markets using new and innovative products puts even higher demand on insights.

To illustrate how one could analyze market-specific reviews on new tech, and perhaps work towards that perfect score, we analyzed 460 French reviews on Amazon’s virtual assistant-speaker the Amazon Echo. We collected this data, and ran it through the Gavagai Explorer. We then analyzed the results from the resulting dashboard, and we invite you to take a look here. Bear in mind, the review data itself is in french; check out for more analyses like this in your own language.

The graph above shows the occurrence of key terms, and the sentiment that emerges from those terms. Explore the Dashboard here.

Here are some observations we made

Happy customers mostly mention “skills” (features), voice, or sound in general. Unhappy customers talk about connection, or the understanding of Echo. These factors are the ones that affect the ratings the most, either positively or negatively. This indicates what needs to be fixed. (improve connectivity, continue the development of features).

The topic “quality” is mainly associated with the words “sound” or “price”. This easily indicates the points that customers have appreciated.

The words “music” and “skills” are the biggest sources of positive feelings. Customers talk about these topics, and they talk about them in a good way.S

The subject “product” is the term therefore people speak the most, and from which we can see a mainly positive sentiment. This easily shows that most of the customers appreciated the product.

Skills is one of the subject people talk about the most when they give the product a good grade. Yet, there is mixed sentiment associated with the topic overall. This might suggest that this feature has a enough positive impact on customers that it overshadows problems they have encountered with it.

Want to try this kind of analysis on your own data?

Gavagai Explorer is free to try (no credit card needed) and works in 46 languages.

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