Analyzing Customer Sentiment around Bose’s new Sleepbuds

Losing sleep over what customers are really thinking? With insomnia becoming a modern-day epidemic, tech companies have been quick to jump in with solutions. Whether it’s sleep tracking apps and wearables, apps that have celebrities read you off to dream land, weighted blankets or heated eye masks, there’s no shortage of options to deal with your lack of Zzzs.

We wanted to dive deeper into what customers think about new products and categories. We made some interesting observations, and we welcome your own conclusions from the data in the dashboard below. Click below to dive in!

Check out what Customers really think about Bose’s new Noise-Masking Sleepbuds
Here’s 900 open-ended reviews can tell you when you ask the right questions. 

All the market research in the world can never truly predict what will happen when your new offering hits the market. And any company hoping to grab the attention of customers in today’s digital retail environment really needs to stay on their toes – even more so when breaking into new markets.

In an interesting departure from their famed noise-cancelling technology – Bose introduced a pair of earbuds that exist to provide you with noise, but only the right kind of noise. The Noise-masking Sleepbuds come pre-loaded with soothing and relaxing sounds. 

Let’s go deeper

Instead of focusing on notoriously unreliable numerical scores, we took 900 open-ended text reviews on Bose’s innovative new buds and ran them through the Gavagai Explorer. We’ve published the results right here in the dashboard, so you can dive right in.

We really think data speaks best for itself, but here are a few interesting realizations we had after looking through the results above. Remember, these are all gathered from plain text, letting us dive deeper into the true sentiment than numerical scores ever could.

  • On the positive side, snoring comes up as the term that is most often mentioned by positive-scorers. Clearly a use case that is well-received and deserves further attention. 
  • 22% of customers mention the App, of which there are more negative than there are positive mentions. Related to this, Connection comes up as one of the main topics related to the app.
  • Connection is not only the main negative driver for the product’s overall grade, but is also the term associated with the most negative effect on overall sentiment.
  •  20% mention charging, and there are more negative than positive mentions. The case and connector come up in association to charging, which would indicate issues there. 


Want to try this kind of analysis on your own data?

Gavagai Explorer is free to try (no credit card needed) and works in 46 languages.

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