Vamos a la playa! Gavagai lands in Barcelona

Since I was a kid I have always found language an extremely interesting subject. I was fascinated by how easily we employ such a complex system and I loved to think about all the different languages, how they differ and how similar they are. There is a quote I have always liked from a famous Italian movie director, Federico Fellini, which says “Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita”: A different language is a different vision of life.

Now, working for a language technology company which develops artificial intelligence in 46 different languages I understood how much, in current times, internationalisation is a core business resource other than just a cultural aspect.

At Gavagai we made this an integral part of our company culture, the reason for which we are extremely proud to announce the opening of a new office in Spain, enlarging the multinational dimension of our team and company.

In our recent expansion of the team, we decided to open an additional location, to attract talent from new geographical areas. We selected Barcelona, a modern and dynamic city, extremely international in itself, which is witnessing a high paced development, hosting a fertile environment of startups and which has the ambition to become a European hub for technology. And… What could be better for us than a city with two official languages like Barcelona?

The new office took off with an initial team of three Data Scientists, including myself. We all graduated from the Double Master in Data Science and Entrepreneurship of the European Institute of Technology. The team started working on a new project, applying cutting edge machine learning and deep learning to develop a chatbot framework tailored for the automation of customer interactions; the project has already shown high potential and exciting results, it will soon be ready for integration into Gavagai’s current offerings.

Stay tuned to hear more about this new interesting project from Gavagai and feel free to get in touch and arrange a meeting with our team if you are in beautiful Barcelona!

Nico Vendramin, Data Scientist at Gavagai 

Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Dozen on Unsplash

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