Getting Started with Gavagai Explorer

If you have a collection of related texts and you want to know what themes they contain then Gavagai Explorer is for you. Your collection of texts could be the answers from an open-ended question in a survey for example. The analysis required to understand your answers typically involves a significant amount of work since you need to read each text and either remember the recurring themes or encode them in a topical framework. If you have a lot of answers this work will take a long time, but there are other problems as well: the coding process is error prone since your interpretation is subjective and if you divide the work with others, chances are you won’t make consistent choices in coding your respective answers.

The solution to this problem is to use an automated system to analyze the data; this will ensure consistency and it will be much faster. By using the Gavagai Explorer you will have your main themes in a fraction of the time it takes to do the work manually, often within just a few minutes. With the Explorer you can also choose to view the data from different perspectives; since it is an interactive tool you can view the most relevant themes first, and then peel of layers of themes to see less important but more detailed themes below. This is the first version of the Gavagai Explorer, and we have many features planned for the near future. Try it out and tell us what you think; what works and what doesn’t. We appreciate comments and suggestions. Here is a video of the Explorer in action and here you can try it out.


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