Spanish in Gavagai’s Living Lexicon

Spanish is now live in Gavagai Living Lexicon. It took about 3 days to add. Since the lexicon is at the heart of our systems, Spanish is now available in all our applications and the API. So now you can add targets in Spanish in the Monitor, explore themes in Spanish for answers to open-ended survey questions in Explorer, lookup relationships between words in Spanish in Living Lexicon, and make API calls with Spanish text, for example to get multi-dimensional sentiment (“love”, “hate”, “fear”, “violence”, “desire”, “skepticism”, “positive sentiment”, and “negativity”) or to cluster the most relevant sentences of Spanish texts (just like in the Gavagai Explorer). You may be wondering why we only add Spanish now (as the 14th language we support). The answer is that we didn’t need it until now, and since it is pretty easy to add a new language we waited until we did need it. Adding a new language means setting up a dedicated wordspace in which to learn the language and then turning on feeds of text for the language. Then the wordspace teaches itself the language in about 3 days. We then add the sentiment poles by letting the wordspace populate their definitions given what it has just learned. Since it now knows how love or hate or any other attitude or emotion is expressed in the new language it just stores those concepts in the appropriate poles. Want to know more about how we do this or would you like us to add another language? Just let us know.

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