Gavagai’s Top List of “Movers-and-Shakers” Shows Worry about Global Economy is on the Rise

Movements 2015-02-19 12-10-46

Gavagai’s Movements list shows the movers-and-shakers of all of the thousands of targets being tracked in our system. The list is updated with regular intervals and is a good indicator of things to look out for.

Currently “Global Economy”, a target that tracks various sentiment like worry, fear, positivity and so on, is showing a significant increase in the worry and violence sentiment categories (violence is shown above as VPI in the screen shot from our internal admin GUI).

What is the cause of this? To understand the reasons for the current spike we have a number of options. We can view the time line and sentiment graphs of the recent period of time to see when the spike first started its ascent. We can also get a list of the underlying documents sorted according to their sentiment score to understand if there were any particular news stories or events causing this effect. We can also aggregate all of the underlying documents into an executive summary to gain an even easier way of understanding the cause. Finally, by digging into the summary, using an interactive exploration tool, we can set aside topics that we already know about, and drill down into the depths of the data, to find the finer details.

From alerts of unusual levels of activity or sentiment to easily understandable summaries and categorizations of topics, the suite of tools from Gavagai makes it possible to gain real insight from large and unstructured text data, easily, quickly, and in all languages.

For more information about Gavagai Explorer have a look at a video.

You can also try out Gavagai Monitor.

My name is Fredrik Espinoza and you can reach me at fredrike at gavagai se.


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