Fabulous Fest Forecast by Gavagai

Sweden’s contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest this year has been decided in yesterday’s finale with ten contestants. The winner of 2012 year’s Swedish music fest Melodifestivalen is Loreen, with the song “Euphoria”, which landed almost 700000 call-in votes from the at-home TV audience.

Using the Ethersource technology, Gavagai followed the on-line sentiment towards all contestants throughout the lead-up to the event. We are pleased to note that Gavagai’s forecast of the results based on expressions of appreciation in blog posts and tweets which was published in the paper edition of Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) in the morning prior to the event – was close enough to the actual outcome of the viewers’ votes to not only correctly predict the three top spots from the start field of ten contenders but to get their vote percentages pretty much right!

Talk comes cheap – demonstration counts!

This was fun! We will make similar public opinion forecasts in coming analyses, and return to the observations we can make from this event and these and similar data.

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