Artist Lars Vilks Attacked. Again.

At 6:45 pm, less than a minute after the news broke on Twitter, Ethersource picked up the first aversive signal relating to tonight’s attack on Lars Vilks. (We’ve covered him previously on this blog). This time, elements in the audience threw eggs at him during an evening lecture in Karlstad.

Of the major news outlets, the branch of Swedish Radio located in Karlstad was the quickest in publishing the news, putting it on their national web site at 7:43 pm (SR). The other players were roughly 30 to 45 minutes behind (DN, SVD, SVT). Having Ethersource doing the real-time attitudinal analysis of the contents of Swedish Tweets would have brought the news to your attention even earlier.

Image 1: Aversive expressions related to Lars Vilks on February 21, 2012. The red circle shows the initial peak indicative of the egging event, targeting Vilks. The Tweet in Image 2 is the first one in the list of documents associated with the highlighted peak, easily accessible via the Ethersource GUI.
Image 2: The first Tweet picked up by Ethersource pertaining to egging event: “People in the audience just threw eggs at Lars Vilks and there was chaos”

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