Want to see Explorer in action?

Here are the latest reports we created using only Gavagai Explorer and publicly available online data. We obtained reviews from public sites, and ran them through Gavagai Explorer to see what we could learn.

Feel free to check out the dashboards and see what conclusions you can draw for yourself – Some of it may surprise you!

Analysis of English Reviews

Analysis of Swedish Reviews

Analysis of Polish Reviews

Analysis of French Reviews

Want to try this kind of analysis on your own data?

Gavagai Explorer is free to try (no credit card needed) and works in 46 languages.

Gavagai is a Swedish language-tech company using advanced AI to help businesses analyze text and feedback – so they can understand their customers better. Spun off from the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, our Word Space Technology has grown and improved over 20 years, and our research team has published more than 400 academic papers.